simultaneous CNS-IRMS analysis
    in 9 minutes


    extreme dynamic measuring range
    thanks to TPD technology


    analysis of 1 mg pharmaceuticals
    or 300 mg soil


    high throughput -
    up to 120 samples per run


    10 years warranty
    on furnace and detector

vario ISOTOPE select

Isotope ratio and elemental analysis on the highest level

The modern "cube" platform setting the standards for elemental analyzers - and your isotope ratio analyses will profit from it. Outstanding instrument design and intelligent engineering in combination with the worldwide longest experience in the development of elemental micro-analyzers lead to unmatched accuracy of your measurements. The vario ISOTOPE select, in conjunction with a gold-standard IRMS from Isoprime, is designed to meet the special needs of continuous flow IRMS – highest sample throughput at unrivalled performance.

Less than 1 mg pharmaceuticals can be analyzed just as precise as
300 mg soil sample. Volatile gasoline or temperature-proof silicon carbide can be analyzed just like coal, foodstuff or sewage sludge - without restriction of the elements, simultaneously for CNS. The superior temperature-programmed desorption technique guarantees highly efficient peak separation, even for samples with extreme element concentration ranges.

Equipped with a 120 position autosampler for high sample throughput and the most user-friendly operating software on the market, the vario ISOTOPE select is setting new benchmarks. Unrivalled universality and analytic performance of the vario ISOTOPE select form the basis for its success in isotope ratio analysis.

vario ISOTOPE select with monitor
Back side of vario ISOTOPE cube
vario ISOTOPE select with visION and monitor
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