IRMS elemental analyzer
    from ultra-micro to semi-macro

  • FAST

    simultaneous CNS-IRMS analysis
    in 9 minutes


    well proven purge and trap technology
    for best results


    analysis of 1 mg
    up to 1 g sample weight


    high throughput -
    up to 120 samples per run


    10 years warranty
    on furnace and detector

vario ISOTOPE cube

Isotope ratio and elemental analysis on the highest level

Derived from the world's most successful elemental analyzer vario EL cube, the dedicated vario ISOTOPE cube in combination with Isoprime IRMS is the most versatile system for stable isotope applications. Basis is the largest tradition in elemental analysis and IRMS instrumentation. The vario ISOTOPE cube is a newly developed premium product for the special needs of continuous flow IRMS which considerably increases the performance of the analyses.

The patented technology using purge & trap chromatography and online reduction of water to H/D allows CHNS/CNS analysis from just one sample with specifications of single element analysis, as such it is, in combination with a gold-standard IRMS from Isoprime, the worldwide first and only instrument combination of an elemental analyzer coupled with a mass spectrometer for the simultaneous analysis of the isotope ratios of CHNS. With a large weighing range for the samples and a large concentration range of the elements, the vario ISOTOPE cube is the technology-leading elemental analyzer for isotope ratio analysis, in particular for food, plant material or soil samples.

Equipped with a special backflush mechanism, the vario ISOTOPE cube allows the measurement of oxygen isotopes in organic samples at 1150 °C with full separation of nitrogen and carbon monoxide using our special purge & trap technology. The purge&trap technology also allows unrivalled sulfur analysis capabilities due to the peak focussing and separation capabilities of the element-specific traps.

vario ISOTOPE cube with monitor
Back side of vario ISOTOPE cube
vario ISOTOPE cube with visION and monitor
Purge and trap column
Manual pressing tool
Isotope standards
Wine glasses