• TOC and TNb analzyer iso TOC cube for stable isotope analysis


    First combustion based instrument
    for stable isotope analysis of dissolved
    C and N (TOC/TNb)

  • TOC and TNb analzyer iso TOC cube for stable isotope analysis
    Specially designed to meet
    the challenges posed by
    isotopic analysis of TOC/TNb
  • TOC and TNb analzyer iso TOC cube for stable isotope analysis
    well proven
    purge and trap technology
    for best results

iso TOC®

Understand processes controlling carbon and nitrogen cycling through aquatic systems

The quantitative and isotopic analysis of dissolved matter (e.g. dissolved organic carbon, total dissolved bound nitrogen, etc.) is of particular importance since this pool is a prime conduit in the cycling of N and C. Studying the two elemental pools simultaneously is of importance, as the transformation and transport process of N and C are inextricably linked in all biological mediated systems. iso TOC is the only instrument capable of performing these analyses making it an indispensable tool for ecologists, limnologists and oceanographers.

Based on the Elementar “cube” platform which has set the gold standard for elemental analysis, iso TOC presents a new high temperature combustion method for the quantitative and isotopic analysis of dissolved organic carbon and total bound nitrogen (TNb). By performing direct analysis on the sample, the need for laborious pre-preparation of samples is removed allowing you to quickly analyze many samples.

Since iso TOC utilizes high temperature combustion (up to 1,200 °C) rather than wet chemical or UV oxidation the instrument gives greater analytical robustness when analyzing refractory organic substances such as humic acids or lignin which may be only partly oxidized using other techniques. iso TOC also uniquely deploys a second stage reduction furnace for reduction of nitrogen oxides for 15N analysis of TNb followed by a three-stage water removal process and a halogen trap delivering pure CO2 and N2 gases to the IRMS for analysis.

For the 15N analysis of TNb, iso TOC uses our unique Low Concentration Module (LCM) and an integrated membrane degasser for removing dissolved N2 increasing sample detection levels. The LCM uses cryogen-free, thermoelectric cooling combined with Elementar’s Advanced Purge & Trap separation technology to achieve TNb detection levels of 25 ppm. With these technologies, iso TOC is the only commercially available instrument for the direct 15N analysis of TNb in aqueous samples.

When combined with an Elementar IRMS system, iso TOC provides a complete solution with fully integrated sample acquisition and data processing through ionOS® software. This allows the user to take full advantage of the on-board maintenance counters, sleep/wake-up functionality and synchronized methods.

iso TOC cube with reference gas box and monitor
iso TOC cube with open side door
iso TOC cube with reference gas box
Vials for iso TOC cube
Reference gas box with open door
Water glasses
Reference gas box with open side door