S or N determination in < 5 minutes,
    S & N in < 6 minutes


    limit of detection < 10 ppb for S,
    < 15 ppb for N


    optimizes sample combustion
    owing to 2-channel-system


    broad sample access due to
    temperature controllable sample feeder


    septum-free injection allows for
    up to 3000 samples without maintenance


    no cross sensitivities during S
    determination thanks to N-excess module


    autosampler integrated
    in instrument

trace SN cube

Analyzer for S and N determination at very low concentrations

The elements sulfur and nitrogen are found in low concentrations in hydrocarbons such as gasoline, diesel or natural gas. The new trace SN cube continues the success of the vario TRACE S/N liquid injection on the already approved cube platform.

The newly developed autosampler in combination with the time-proven combustion technique makes it an outstanding analyzer for the most sensitive determination of sulfur and nitrogen.

Two complete separate combustion and detection channels are incorporated into one analyzer, sharing just the liquid automatic injector (making two separate injections) and electronic control and processing. This allows the ideal analytical conditions and catalysts to be used for each analysis without any compromise.

It also results in significant cost and space savings compared to two separate analyzers. The methods are according to ASTM D 5453, D 6667, D 4629 and DIN ISO 20846. Trace analysis with safe and fully automatic operation.

trace SN cube with monitor
trace SN cube with open door
trace SN cube with furnace pulled out
trace SN cube with open side door
Gasoline pump
trace SN cube with GAS module
trace SN cube with LPG module
Sample feeder and autosampler detail