10/01/2018 - News Elementar UK

Should the UK adopt fracking?

Elementar publishes white paper discussing the viability of fracking in the UK.

Hydraulic fracturing of shale gas, also known as "fracking", is a controversial technique used to exploit previously unexplored reservoirs of fossil fuels. The arguments for and against the use of shale gas in the future UK energy mix are persuasive and understanding the underlying facts can be difficult when there are strong feelings on either side of the discussion. 

Elementar is a company which is convinced about the urgency to act to mitigate the effects of anthropogenic input to climate change. Our instrumentation has been a fundamental tool for climate change research for decades and we are proud to support the excellent work that has been done in this domain. In this context, we have released a white paper which presents a pragmatic argument for the use of fracking as a route to greater use of renewable resources. 

As stable isotope analysis has elucidated the global issue of climate change, stable isotope analysis can also be used to ensure that fracking is done responsibly and with the utmost regard for the environmental impacts of the process. The white paper argues that stable isotope analysis should be deployed across any fracking site to perform "baseline" measurements as well as continued site evaluations to ensure that any deleterious environmental issues are identified and resolved immediately.


Find the white paper here