09/10/2018 - News Elementar

Elementar Japan now supporting our Japanese IRMS customers

The Elementar IRMS product line is now being sold and supported directly by Elementar Japan

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We are pleased to announce that our IRMS customers in Japan are now able to get support for their instruments directly from our colleagues at Elementar Japan. For many years the Elementar IRMS products have been sold and supported by JASCO International and we would like to thank them for their efforts supporting the Japanese IRMS market.

By supporting our IRMS customers directly through Elementar Japan we are able to provide a greater level of support and have a clearer focus on our relationship. Having such a close connection to our customers is essential to Elementar and is especially important in the field of stable isotope ratio mass spectrometry where strong collaboration between the manufacturer and the customer has a strong bearing on the success of the instrumentation. 

For further information about the support of the IRMS business in Japan, please contact Elementar Japan directly at info@elementar.jp