08/15/2017 - News Elementar

New IRMS Manuals Available

New customer manuals are now available for isoprime visION and isoprime precisION instruments.

Download IRMS User Manuals

We would like to announce that we have completely overhauled our technical manual offering for all of the isoprime visION and isoprime precisION instruments. These manuals have been completely re-written by our IRMS technical experts to provide users with in-depth documentation for their hardware configurations.

The documents have detailed new sections dedicated to the IRMS, EA and GC systems as well as the IonOS software used to control the instrumentation giving you even better support and help increase your knowledge for running IRMS instrumentation. We hope that you find the documents useful and we are grateful for any feedback that you may have.

Find the right manual for your instrument here.

Please note that at the current time, the documents are only available in English.