09/11/2017 - News Elementar UK

2017 UK EA, TOC and IRMS User Seminars

Thank you to everyone who attended our meeting at the Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester, UK.

On 5 - 6 September we enjoyed our EA, TOC and IRMS user seminars at the Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester. The meeting was well attended by our customers from all over the UK who enjoyed a range of presentations from other customers as well as Product and Applications Experts from Elementar.  

The sessions were developed to give anyone using these techniques an overview of the technologies as well as guides for best practice for using the instrumentation.

In the TOC session we presented our range of solutions for TOC analysis including our high temperature oxidation system, vario TOC cube; the wet chemical oxidation system, acquray and the variable temperature oxidation system, the soli TOC cube. Choosing the correct system for your requirements was discussed in detail as well as how best to approach the analysis with each instrument.

Our EA session covered a range of areas to help customers perform the best possible analysis with their instruments. Elemental Analysis demands good sample preparation and configuring the instrument for your particular needs and our EA Product Manager shared some of his long experience with this technique with everyone.

The IRMS sessions covered two days. On the first day, we enjoyed a several presentations from our customers covering a broad range of application areas including, biogeochemistry, archaeology, paleoclimate studies, and environmental forensics. Day two consisted of a day of presentations from Elementar staff demonstrating our innovative new products that we have been developing over the past few years such as the isoprime visION and isoprime precisION instruments, the iso CHROM LC, the iso TOC cube and the iso FLOW systems. As well as new hardware, we also presented ArDB, our new Database Management Tool to the audience as well as showing some great tips 'n' tricks for anyone using IonOS software

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the success of the meeting. We hope that you found it to be beneficial and for everyone that couldn't come along we hope you will be able to join us next time!